The Lost Words – Bramble


“Bramble is on the march again, Rolling and arching along the hedges, into parks on the city edges” Robert Macfarlane


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“Bramble is on the march again,

Rolling and arching along the hedges, into parks on the city edges.

All streets are suddenly thick with briar: cars snarled fast, business over…

Bramble has reached each house now, looped it in wire. People lock doors, close shutters.

Little shoots steal through keyholes, to leave — in quiet halls,

Empty stairwells — bowls of bright blackberries where the light falls.” - Robert Macfarlane

A stunning Giclée Limited Edition of 145 from The Lost Words - Bramble - signed by Jackie Morris and Robert Macfarlane on 315gsm 100% cotton rag paper.  The Lost Words is a spell book that seeks to conjure the near-lost magic, beauty and strangeness of the nature that surrounds us, for readers both young and old. Taking the form of twenty ‘lost’ words, collected alphabetically from ‘Acorn’ to ‘Wren’ each word becomes  a spell - written by Robert Macfarlane, which is intended to be read aloud. The images - painted by Jackie Morris, capture first the absence of the plant or creature within its habitat and then its return. The spell summons the image and the word back into being, making this a book of enchantment in more than one sense.

Image: 53 x 36 cm   Mounted: 75.5cm x 63cm  Framed 79.5cm x 67cm approx  It is presented in a double mount, framed in an oak moulding.  Supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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