Forest Fireflies


Fireflies creating magical dots of light.

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Forest Fireflies by Susan Entwistle

The soft, pulsating glow emitted by forest fireflies creates a magical ambiance in the darkness of the night. Their ethereal light adds a touch of mystery and wonder to the natural environment, captivating the imagination of those who witness their displays.  Fireflies are often associated with warm summer nights when people gather outdoors.  The sight of fireflies dancing through the air, illuminating the darkness, evokes feelings of joy, nostalgia, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature. This transience adds to their allure, reminding us to cherish and appreciate the ephemeral wonders that nature presents. This beautiful  affordable print by artist Susan Entwistle captures the magic of Fireflies on a summer night.

A signed print using Canon LUCIA archival grade pigment inks with 100-year light-fast guarantee and acid-free paper for a long lasting, vibrant colour.  Beautifully mounted and framed in a box vellum (off white) frame.

Image size:  30 x 30cm   Mounted Size: 40 x 40cm    Framed size:  43 x 43cm

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