The juxtaposition of the flamingo’s vivid colors against the deep green background creates a striking visual contrast, making the flamingo the focal point of the piece.

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Pandora by Sarah Jackson

A limited edition print entitled  "Pandora " taken from an original work by artist and collagist Sarah Jackson. The artwork centres around Pandora, a beautiful flamingo.  She is standing tall on two slender legs, one of which is elegantly crossed.  Her head is tucked gently within her lush plumage, which is skillfully crafted in various shades of red, pink, and dashes of yellow.   The background with a deep green hue portrays a dense jungle-like foliage, adding a touch of intrigue and enchantment to the artwork. The artist's use of deep green captures the essence of a lush, tropical environment.

Overall, this artwork by Sarah Jackson is a true modern statement piece. Through her artistic expression, she celebrates the grace and allure of the flamingo.

Limited to 125 fine art limited edition prints.  Printed on 300gsm fine art paper, signed and numbered by Sarah.  Mounted with an off-white double mount and framed in a black moulding.

Image size: 70cm x 46cm  Mounted: 79cm x 54cm  Framed 82cm x 57cm

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