Autumn Fire

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Fiery colours of autumn feature in this original textured oil painting by Irish artist Niki Purcell.

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Autumn Fire by Niki Purcell

In this vibrant oil painting,  artist Niki Purcell has captured the essence of a crisp autumn day. FIlled with the warm, earthy tones of red and golden leaves in their full splendour, creating a striking contrast against the clear blue sky.

Niki has used a variety of techniques to create depth and texture, making the leaves appear almost three-dimensional. Each leaf seems to leap off the board, their rich and varied colours adding to the overall sense of warmth and vibrancy.  The red leaves, with their brilliant shades ranging from fiery crimson to deep maroon and then scattered like precious gems, are golden leaves.   The background of the painting is filled with a clear, serene blue sky. It serves as a striking contrast to the fiery foliage, creating a sense of depth and distance.

The overall effect of this oil painting is one of breathtaking beauty and a celebration of the height of autumn. It captures the essence of the season, where nature's brilliant colours and textures come together in perfect harmony.

Original Oil painting on board. Signed by Niki.   Floated on an off white mount and framed by the artist as shown

Image size:  30cm x 30cm  Framed size: 40cm x 40cm

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