The Golden Moon


A peaceful, nocturnal scene under a golden moon. The only sound is the wind rustling through the grasses.

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The Golden Moon by Paul Evans

A limited edition print that captures a tranquil nocturnal scene. Taken from an original work by Paul Evans.  The setting is in the heart of the countryside on a serene, starlit night.  A radiant golden moon, its soft glow illuminating the night sky.

The backdrop of the picture reveals a red brick farmhouse nestled amidst the velvety darkness. The dwelling stands peacefully, all windows remain dark, suggesting that the world inside slumbers peacefully.  In the foreground, a lush field of wild grasses comes to life under the moon's gentle reflection. Shades of red tinge the edges of the grass, which contrast with the cool splashes of blue scattered throughout. The overall atmosphere is one of calmness and tranquility. The edition size is 75, so this is a rare and collectible print.

Signed Giclée Limited Edition on 315gsm cotton rag paper. 75 Editions only worldwide. Beautifully presented in a triple mount and framed in a 2 cm vellum (off white) frame which compliments the piece.  Signed by the artist, supplied with Certificate of Authenticity and embossed as a mark of quality.

Image: 43cm x 43cm     Mounted 64cm x 66cm     Framed 68cm x 70cm

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