Spring Meadow


Spring Meadow invites observers to immerse themselves in the enchanting beauty of nature, celebrating the vibrant colors and rejuvenating spirit of the spring season.

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Spring Meadow by Paul Evans

This stunning Limited Edition is taken from an original work by leading landscape artist Paul Evans.  The vast expanse of the picture is adorned with a serene blue sky and wispy white clouds. A vibrant meadow emerges, resplendent with an array of spring wildflowers.    In the background a field, full of blooming rapeseed flowers, their yellow blossoms creating an enchanting spectacle.  An oasthouse with conical roof stands in the centre. Untouched by the passage of time, the oasthouse embodies the quiet strength of the countryside.  Artist Paul Evans deft brushstrokes bring the entire scene to life, blending the different elements of nature and human craftsmanship.

Image: 51cm x 51cm     Mounted 73cm x 75cm     Framed 77cm x 79cm

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