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The woodland pathway in Courtown Woods is the central focus of the painting in full autumn colours.

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We are Golden by Niki Purcell

In this textured oil painting of a woodland scene in full autumn colors, irish artist Niki Purcell has created a captivating semi-abstract composition that beautifully captures the essence of a vibrant autumn day.

The painting is alive with a riot of warm, fiery hues, reflecting the full glory of autumn. The background is a symphony of oranges, reds, and yellows, creating a vivid and immersive depiction of the changing season. The textured surface of the canvas adds depth and dimension to the foliage, enhancing the overall sensory experience.

A winding pathway beckons the viewer into the heart of the forest. This pathway is not a perfectly defined trail but a semi-abstract representation, blending into the surrounding foliage. It meanders through the woods, disappearing into the depths of the forest, inviting viewers to explore and discover the hidden secrets of nature.

Above the pathway, a dense canopy of trees creates a natural tunnel of color. The leaves on these trees are a mixture of fiery oranges and rich golds. Some leaves have already fallen, creating a scattered carpet of amber on the forest floor.

Overall, this textured oil painting of a woodland scene in full autumn colors invites viewers to take a sensory journey through a woodland, where the beauty of nature's transformation during this season is celebrated in a semi-abstract and visually captivating way.

Original textured Oil painting on board. Signed by Niki.   Floated on an off white mount and framed by the artist as shown

Image size:  37m x 18cm  Framed size: 47cm x 28cm

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