Meet ‘Adele’ the alpaca. Those eyelashes…

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Adele by Nicky Litchfield


Alpacas are generally gentle and docile animals. They have a curious nature and are known for their social behavior. They are herd animals and thrive in groups. Alpacas communicate through various vocalizations, body postures, and ear movements. They are known to hum when they are content or communicate with other alpacas. Alpacas have a playful side and often engage in games and activities within their herd. They may chase each other, kick up their heels, or playfully nudge or bump into one another. Their playful behavior is not only entertaining but also serves as a way to strengthen social bonds within the group. This alpaca Adele by artist Nicky Litchfield is known for her amazing vocal range!!!

Limited Edition printed on 260gsm fine art paper, individually signed and numbered by Nicky and supplied with a certificate of authenticity. Beautifully presented in a 2000 micron conservation off-white mount with v-groove detail and framed in a vellum box frame. Supplied strung and ready to hang.

Image Size: 41.0 x 21.0cm   Mounted Size: 60.5 x 39.5cm   Framed Size: 64.5 x 43.5cm

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