Lets do This!


This painting celebrates the power of colour and form. The use of cylindrical shapes and vibrant colors, combined with the dramatic black background, creates a sense of energy and vibrancy that makes the painting a truly captivating work of art.


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Lets Do This! by Nick Munier.

New original abstract painting by artist Nick Munier.  The black background in this work serve as a dramatic and powerful base for the colourful columns that are layered on top. The cylindrical columns of colours create a sense of depth and dimension within the painting. The use of all colours creates a sense of diversity and variety, making the painting feel alive and dynamic. The use of bold and vibrant colors adds a sense of energy and liveliness. The contrast between the black background and the colorful columns also creates a sense of drama and tension, making the painting feel powerful and impactful.

The overall effect of the painting is one of complexity and depth, with the viewer's eye drawn into the intricate details of the colorful columns. The painting invites the viewer to explore and discover the many layers of colors and shapes, making it a captivating and engaging work of art.

Acrylic on Canvas.  Signed by the artist and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity

Canvas 90cm x 65 x 2cm   Framed in a black tray frame with shadow gap.  94cm x 69cm approx

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