To the Top of the Mountain


Martina Furlong’s ability to infuse her landscapes with emotion and energy makes this painting a true testament to her skill and vision as an artist.

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To the Top of the Mountain by Martina Furlong

Irish artist Martina Furlong has crafted a captivating semi-abstract acrylic painting on wood, drawing her perennial inspiration from the enchanting landscape of Wexford.  This particular artwork is a mesmerising exploration of colour and form, centering around a distant, solitary mountain.

The predominant color palette in this painting is a range of soothing lavender tones. These shades gracefully dominate the composition, creating a tranquil and dreamlike atmosphere. The use of various lavender hues allows the artist to convey a sense of depth and perspective within the artwork.

Amidst the lavender expanse, there are subtle yet striking accents of orange that punctuate throughout.  These orange accents serve as focal points within the composition, adding vibrancy and contrast to the predominantly cool colour scheme. T

The central element of the painting is the distant mountain. Although it's rendered in a semi-abstract style, the mountain is unmistakable. It stands proudly in the background, its lavender shades harmonizing with the rest of the composition while also providing a point of visual interest. T

The choice of acrylics on wood as the medium imbues the artwork with a tactile and textural quality. The wood's grain may subtly influence the painting's surface, adding depth and character to the piece.

Martina Furlong's mastery shines through in her ability to capture the essence of Wexford's landscape in a semi-abstract, contemporary manner. This painting invites viewers to immerse themselves in a serene, lavender-hued world, where the distant mountain serves as a symbol of nature's enduring beauty and the artist's profound connection to her homeland.

Acrylic on Wood  15cm x 15 cm floated and framed. 26cm x 26cm.  Signed by the artist.

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