A View from the Island iii


A View from the Island iii by Martina Furlong – inspired by the Irish countryside.

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A View from the Island iii by Martina Furlong

The small semi abstract work by Irish artist Martina Furlong captures a serene landscape rendered in acrylic paint.  A tranquil Irish painting infused with shades of purple, lavender, and a subtle hint of green.

Rising majestically in the background, a series of mountains emerge.  Martina employs textured brushstrokes to add depth and dimension, capturing the rugged beauty of these natural formations. The interplay of colors is captivating. Soft shades of green hint at the presence vegetation dotting the Irish landscape, providing a subtle contrast to the dominant purples. The green accents serve as a reminder of life and vitality amidst the serene Irish countryside.  The small size of this painting adds to its intimacy, making it suitable for display in various settings, such as a cozy study or a bedroom.  Its delicate beauty and calming palette make it a captivating focal point, encouraging viewers to pause, reflect, and appreciate the subtle harmony found in the Irish countryside.

Acrylic on Wood  15cm x 15 cm floated and framed. 26cm x 26cm.  Signed by the artist.

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