A Magical Mountainous Land


A Magical Mountainous Land by Martina Furlong – inspired by the Irish countryside.

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A Magical Mounainous Land by Martina Furlong

The small semi abstract work by Irish artist Martina Furlong is an imaginative Irish landscape, characterized by its vibrant shades of red and cobalt blue, capturing the essence of Ireland's beauty and terrain.

Contrasting against the vivid blues, dynamic splashes and swirls of red energize the canvas, infusing the painting with a sense of vitality and passion. The red hues vary creating a dramatic juxtaposition against the cool blues of the icy cold rivers. These vibrant red accents symbolize the fiery spirit and rich history that permeate the Irish culture.  A Magical Mountainous Land" serves as a captivating homage to the inspiring landscapes of Ireland and ignites a sense of wanderlust for the captivating beauty found in Ireland's majestic and magical landscapes.

Acrylic on Wood  15cm x 15 cm floated and framed. 26cm x 26cm.  Signed by the artist.

Deposits accepted.  Payments in installments over three months.  Complimentary Delivery within the Republic of Ireland

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