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Aurora, Ballymoney  by Irish artist Maria Dowling is an original seascape oil painting of Ballymoney Beach at daybreak.

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Aurora - North Beach Ballymoney by Maria Dowling.

Aurora - Ballymoney is a beautiful oil on canvas painting that captures the ethereal beauty of daybreak at Ballymoney Beach.  Artist Maria Dowling skillfully conveys the atmosphere as the first light of dawn graces the horizon.

The focal point of the painting is undoubtedly the sky, which is adorned with an array of various shades of pink. The sky transitions from the soft, delicate pastel pinks near the horizon to deeper, more vibrant shades overhead. Wisps of soft, feathery clouds catch the first warm rays of the sun.

This extraordinary palette of pinks casts a gentle, warm light over the landscape below. The sea, like a mirror, reflects the display of colours, turning the calm waters into a rippling canvas of soft, rosy hues. The waves are subdued, their gentle lapping against the shore contributing to the overall tranquility of the scene.

The beach  as the meeting point of land and sea, is partially illuminated by the morning glow.  This painting invites viewers to connect with the tranquility of dawn, where the world is reborn in shades of pink, promising the hope and potential of a new day. It's a breathtaking depiction of nature's artistry.

Original Oil on canvas.  Signed and supplied with Certificate of Authenticity.  Framed as shown.

Image size 50cm x 40cm Framed size: 70cm x 60cm.

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