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Two Indian Runner ducks take centre stage against a backdrop of tranquil reeds which is beautifully captured with bold loose brushstrokes and a sympathetic natural palette.

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Indian Runner Ducks by Josie Appleby

Two Indian Runner ducks take centre stage against a backdrop of tranquil reeds.  Wildlife artist Josie Appleby's skillful use of colors and details brings this scene to life. The ducks are the focal point, drawing the viewer's gaze with their vibrant and contrasting head colors.

The duck with a distinctive blue head, emanates a sense of serenity. Its feathers exhibit shades of soft blues, and its posture is upright yet relaxed. The blue duck's expression conveys a calm curiosity, as it gazes intently at its companion. Facing the blue-headed duck is its counterpart, distinguished by a head adorned with shades of rich green. This duck exudes a playful energy, its vibrant green head contrasting beautifully against the backdrop of reeds. The green duck's body is portrayed with intricate details, capturing the fine nuances of its plumage and form.

The ducks' interaction is the heart of the picture. This moment captures the essence of companionship and communication among these fascinating creatures.  The overall mood of the painting is one of serenity and contemplation. The artist's skilled technique and thoughtful composition allow viewers to immerse themselves in the world of these Indian Runner ducks, where the beauty of nature and the nuances of connection come together in a harmonious symphony of colours and emotions.

An exceptional Fine Art Limited Edition printed on 400gsm canvas, signed, titled, and numbered by Josie. Bonded to 3500-micron board and varnished.  Beautifully presented in an off white bevelled frame and   supplied with Certificate of Authenticity.   As the canvas is varnished, the framed prints are not glazed. Supplied strung and ready to hang.

Image Size 50cm x 41.5cm  Framed size  60cm x 71cm approximately

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