Summer Glimpse ii


This original acrylic painting by Jaanika Talts is a visual ode to the exuberance of summer where nature’s splendour is in full bloom.

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Summer Glimpse ii by Jaanika Talts is a new original acrylic painting on canvas.   In this vibrant and captivating semi-abstract floral painting, the viewer is transported to the height of summer, where a profusion of rich orange roses and an assortment of other flowers burst forth in a jubilant display of colour and life.  Hues of orange and gold appear to radiate their own light, infusing the entire composition with a sense of vitality and energy.

The focal point of the painting is the lush bouquet of orange rose, the stars of the composition, commanding attention with their vibrant colour and intricate form.

Interspersed among the roses are various other flowers, their forms semi-abstract, adding a dynamic and playful dimension to the composition. These flowers create a lively and harmonious bouquet that dance with the rhythm of summer. Each bloom seems to tell a story, adding to the overall narrative of the painting.  This painting is a visual ode to the exuberance of the summer season, where nature's splendour is in full bloom.

Original acrylic on canvas sealed with satin varnish.   Framed to edge in a bevelled frame with golden edging.   Signed by the artist Jaanika Talts and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Image size 50cm x 40cm   Framed size  62cm x 52cm (all sizes are approximate)

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