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A breathtaking transition from the tranquil night to the vibrant embrace of dawn.

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Ignite by Jaanika Talts

Ignite is a new original acrylic painting on canvas from artist Jaanika Talts. A breathtaking transition from the tranquil night to the vibrant embrace of dawn. The background, an expanse of velvety darkness, acts as a dramatic backdrop, accentuating the impending eruption of fiery hues as the engulf the sky.

At the very heart of the composition, a volcanic burst of colors ignites with an intensity reminiscent of molten lava. A confluence of reds, oranges, and golds coalesce in a harmonious dance, mimicking the wild flames of a fervent blaze. This central burst is a focal point of energy, radiating its warmth and ardor to every corner of the painting.

As the volcanic-like burst spreads outwards, the colors meld and intertwine, creating a breathtaking display of contrasts. Vibrant reds blend seamlessly into vivid oranges.  This painting is alive with movement, as if the sky itself is ablaze with the fervor of creation.  The painting captures not only the visual spectacle but also the emotional resonance of a new day's emergence. It's a reminder that even in the darkest of nights, there exists the potential for a spectacular dawn, where colors ignite like flames and set the heavens ablaze with breathtaking beauty.

Original  acrylic on canvas sealed with satin varnish.   Framed to edge in a limed coastal float moulding.  Signed by the artist Jaanika Talts  and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Image size 58 x 58cm     Framed size 60cm x 60cm

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