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“Eriu: Goddess of Ireland” is a visual representation of the mystique and allure associated with the ancient tales of Ireland

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Ériu by Jaanika Talts

"Eriu: Goddess of Ireland" by Jaanika Talts is a mesmerizing original abstract painting that captures the essence of the mythical figure it is named after. The artwork draws viewers into a realm where colours and forms intertwine, evoking a sense of both mystery and vibrancy.

At the base of the canvas, deep, swirling greens dominate the composition, resembling the lush landscapes of Ireland. These dark greens create a sense of grounding, anchoring the viewer's gaze as they venture further into the painting.

In the middle of the canvas, a dramatic swirl of vibrant oranges and reds takes centre stage. These fiery hues embody the vitality and passion associated with the goddess Eriu. The intense colors evoke feelings of energy and warmth, as if the spirit of the goddess herself is radiating from the canvas.

Interwoven within the orange and red swirls are streaks of gold, adding an element of opulence and divinity to the artwork. These golden streaks catch the light, creating a dynamic interplay between different angles and illuminating the painting's underlying depth.

"Eriu: Goddess of Ireland" is a visual representation of the mystique and allure associated with the ancient tales of Ireland. Through its expert use of color and form, the painting captures the goddess's dual nature—both grounded in the earth's rich landscapes and ablaze with the fiery spirit of the land and its people. Jaanika Talts' skillful manipulation of these elements invites viewers to contemplate the intersection of mythology, nature, and the human experience.

Original acrylic on canvas sealed with satin varnish.   Framed to edge in a limed coastal float moulding.   (see thumbnails)  Signed by the artist Jaanika Talts  and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Image size 58 x 58cm     Framed size 60cm x 60cm

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