Beach Day


Beach Day by Helen Woods

This encaustic painting by Helen Woods presents a serene coastal scene with a beach and the sea in the background. The use of encaustic technique, which involves heated beeswax mixed with coloured pigments, adds a unique texture and depth to the artwork.

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Beach Day by Helen Woods

Original encaustic & mixed media on panel.   Image 20cm x 20cm  Framed 26cm x 26cm Signed by Helen

Encaustic art is a painting technique that involves using heated beeswax to which colored pigments are added. The word "encaustic" is derived from the Greek word "enkaustikos," which means "to burn in." This term refers to the process of fusing the layers of wax and pigment together using heat. The first step involves preparing a rigid surface, such as a wooden panel or canvas, to work on.  The surface is often coated with several layers of clear or white beeswax to create a smooth base.  Pigments are added to the clear or white beeswax to create coloured wax.   The coloured wax is then applied to the prepared surface using various tools. After applying the coloured wax, each layer must be fused to the previous one. This is typically done using a heat source, such as a heat gun, torch, or even a heated iron. The heat melts the wax, allowing it to bond with the layer below.  Encaustic artists often work in layers, adding more wax and pigment as they go along. This layering technique allows for depth and complexity in the artwork.  Once the desired effect is achieved, the encaustic painting can be finished with various methods, such as buffing the surface to a high gloss or adding additional elements like collage or embedded objects.

Encaustic art offers a unique and versatile way to create paintings with a rich, luminous quality. It has been used for centuries and has experienced a resurgence in popularity among contemporary artists. The wax's translucency and the ability to manipulate it while hot make it a medium that allows for a wide range of artistic expression and experimentation.

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