Tugs i


The quirky cottages in Gary Walton’s artwork Tugs I are situated on a stone pier, and the tug cafe is open for business on a calm day against the backdrop of the shore.

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Tugs i  by Gary Walton

Tugs i " by artist Gary Walton is a captivating and whimsical Limited Edition that transports viewers to a world where reality blends seamlessly with imagination. In this enchanting piece, Walton's unique style comes to life, inviting us into a scene that is both charming and surreal.

"Tugs i" is a testament to Gary Walton's ability to blend the ordinary with the extraordinary, creating a sense of wonder and delight. It is a painting that encourages viewers to embrace the whimsical and to find magic in the unexpected.

Image size: 60 x 25cm   Mounted size: 79 x 42cm   Framed size 83 x 46cm

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