The Whales Tale


This whimsical painting of two blue whales with sails attached flying through the night sky, bathed in starlight, evokes a sense of awe and enchantment.

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The Whales Tale by Gary Walton

In this enchanting Limited Edition from contemporary artist Gary Walton,  the night sky becomes a canvas for wonder and imagination. Against the backdrop of a velvety indigo sky studded with shimmering stars, two whimsical blue whales take flight. These majestic creatures, larger than life, soar gracefully through the heavens, defying gravity with a touch of whimsy.  As the whales glide through the night sky, their immense size is contrasted by delicate details.  The whales' eyes sparkle with a wise and ancient wisdom, their gazes focused on the endless possibilities that await them.  The moon, a luminous crescent, hangs in the sky like a glowing lantern, casting a soft glow upon the whales and adding to the dreamlike atmosphere. A gentle cosmic breeze ruffles their sails, carrying whispers of secrets from distant galaxies and tales from far-off lands.

A Limited Edition  (150 Editions only worldwide) printed on 300gsm fine art paper, signed and numbered by Gary and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Presented in an off-white mount and framed in a 2cm box vellum (off white) frame accentuating the piece perfectly.

Image size: 40 x 40cm   Mounted size: 59cm x 57cm  Framed size: 63cm x 61cm

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