The Beach House – Original Work


Gary Walton’s study in pencil, entitled “The Beach House,” presents a captivating and whimsical scene. The focal point is a charming beach house, exuding a sense of playfulness and imagination.

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The Beach House - A Study by Gary Walton

Gary Walton's study in pencil, entitled "The Beach House," presents a whimsical scene. The focal point is a charming beach house.  This delightful structure is adorned with intricate details including a weather vane and a birdhouse in the garden. Gary's skillful rendering of the pencil medium brings out the subtleties and textures of the cottage.   Beyond the beach house, the viewer's gaze is drawn to the sea, depicted in vibrant shades of blue pencil. A lone boat sails across the water, creating a sense of movement and adventure. The sea, being the only element in color, adds a focal point that compliments the overall composition.

In addition a lighthouse stands tall on a cliff with a quaint cottage for the lighthouse keeper enhancing the romantic and idyllic atmosphere of the artwork.

Framed in a 5.2cm wide black paint and silver foil finished moulding and glazed with ARTglass.  From certain angles the glass appears invisible.

  • Signed 'Gary Walton'
  • Image, 15.0 × 15.0cm approximately
  • Framed, 43.0 × 41.0cm approximately

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