Sitting on the Dock of a Bay


As always with Gary’s work, the viewer is presented with a scene that evokes a sense of wonder and mystery.

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Sitting on the Dock of a Bay by Gary Walton

Sitting on the Dock of a Bay is a Limited Edition taken from an original work by contemporary artist Gary Walton.

At the forefront of the painting, nestled on a small sandbank, is a cluster of fairytale-like houses. These quaint cottages appear straight out of a storybook, with their charming, colorful facades and thatched roofs. Each house has its own unique character.   The sandbank extends outward, revealing a small fishing boat perched on the exposed sandy shore. The boat, seems to be patiently waiting for the return of the tide. Its presence adds a touch of adventure to the scene.

In the background of the painting, rising dramatically against the horizon, is a lighthouse. This lighthouse is perched on a rock formation that takes on the whimsical shape of a shoe. Its light, though not illuminated in the daylight, stands tall and proud, a symbol of guidance and protection for any ships that may come near this coastal haven.

The overall atmosphere of the painting is one of tranquility and enchantment. The soft, pastel hues of the sky and sea blend harmoniously, creating a serene backdrop for this otherworldly scene. The attention to detail in Gary Walton's work is remarkable, as he captures the intricate beauty of the fairytale houses, the textures of the sandbank, and the distant allure of the lighthouse and its peculiar rock foundation.

A Limited Edition  (150 Editions only worldwide) printed on 300gsm fine art paper, signed and numbered by Gary and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Presented in an off-white mount and framed in a 2cm box vellum (off white) frame accentuating the piece perfectly.

Image size: 30.0 x 70.0cm   Mounted size: 48.5 x 87.5cm  Framed size: 52.5 x 91.5cm

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