New England


Fantastical landscapes and nautical scenes feature Gary’s trademark elements of dreamy sundowns, colourful and welcoming lighthouses, charming trawlers, and rowing boats….with just a hint of ‘Steam Punk’ vibes.

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Gary Walton's "New England" transports viewers to a captivating world where imagination and reality blend seamlessly. In this enchanting artwork, a russet-colored moon casts its gentle glow over a whimsical, fairy tale-like harbor town that pays homage to the charm of New England, USA.

The focal point of this Limited Edition on canvas is the harbour town itself, bathed in the warm, russet hues of the moonlight. The buildings along the waterfront are quaint and picturesque, with their unique architectural details illuminated by the soft, ambient light. Each structure seems to have a story to tell, adding to the overall sense of whimsy and history.

In the background, a ship and a lighthouse stand tall against the night sky. The ship hints at the maritime heritage of New England, evoking thoughts of seafaring adventures and exploration. The lighthouse adds a touch of nostalgia and romance, symbolizing safety and guidance for ships navigating the treacherous waters.  The russet moonlight creates a dreamlike atmosphere, casting a warm, comforting glow over the entire scene. It gives the impression of a tranquil, peaceful night in this coastal town, where time seems to stand still.

Gary Walton's "New England" Limited Edition Print is a masterful blend of fantasy and reality, capturing the essence of New England's coastal charm while inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a magical, moonlit world. It's a captivating piece that transports us to a place where fairy tales come to life, and the spirit of adventure and wonder is forever preserved.

Printed on 400gsm fine art canvas, varnished and block mounted on board to give a wonderful effect akin to an original painting. Signed and numbered by Gary and supplied with Certificate of Authenticity.

Beautifully presented in a 7.5cm white frame detailing as shown and ready to hang.

Image size: 60 x 60cm    Framed size: 72cm  x 72cm

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