Moon Drifting


New from artist Gary Walton, Moon Drifting features charming houses with cone-shaped roofs, evocative of a fairytale setting.

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Moon Drifting by Gary Walton.

Moon Drifting" portrays a mesmerizing, whimsical village. This village is unique, featuring charming houses with cone-shaped roofs, evocative of a fairytale setting. Each house is meticulously set on a sturdy wooden pier, suggesting a close relationship with the water below.

In the sky, a large, captivating moon bathes the scene in a soft, pinkish glow, adding a surreal and enchanting quality to the atmosphere. This celestial body not only illuminates the village but also casts a mystical light over the entire scene, creating a sense of wonder and magic.

Dominating the landscape is a lighthouse, perched with purpose on a solitary rock. Its presence is both protective and guiding, a beacon of safety in this quaint and serene world. The lighthouse stands tall, its light a symbol of hope and guidance amidst the dreamy surroundings.

Adding a layer of intrigue and mystery, faintly visible in the background, is the silhouette of a ghost ship. This subtle detail introduces a hint of adventure and folklore, suggesting stories and legends that might be woven into the fabric of this enchanting village's history.

Overall, "Moon Drifting" is a picture that captures the imagination, inviting the viewer into a world of fantasy, beauty, and subtle mystery, set against the backdrop of a fairytale moonlit night.

Despite having resided inland over recent years,  artist Gary Walton has a strong affection for the coast. This is no more evident than in his artwork, with boats, beach huts and lighthouses providing a staple recurring motif. Whimsical buildings inhabit the rolling hills of his landscapes, providing both the audience and artist with a means to escape to his fantastical locations.

A Limited Edition printed on 300gsm fine art paper, signed and numbered by Gary and supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.  Presented in an off-white mount and framed in a 2cm box vellum (off white) frame accentuating the piece perfectly.

Image size: 40cm x 40cm   Mounted size: 59cm x 57cm   Framed size 63cm x 61cm

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