Balloon Cottages ii


Fantastical landscapes and nautical scenes feature Gary’s trademark elements of dreamy sundowns, colourful and welcoming lighthouses, charming trawlers, and rowing boats….with just a hint of ‘Steam Punk’ vibes.

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"Balloon Cottages II" by artist Gary Walton is a mesmerizing new Limited Edition on canvas that immerses viewers in a surreal coastal landscape, seamlessly blending various elements from the artist's favourite symbols and themes. Walton's distinctive style, centered around coastal settings and whimsical elements, takes centre stage in this imaginative piece.

The coastal scene depicted in the artwork is a dreamscape, offering a unique and fantastical perspective on the world.  A lighthouse stands tall in the composition. It serves as a beacon of hope and direction in this surreal coastal world, adding a touch of maritime nostalgia.  The presence of a hot air balloon introduces an element of wonder and adventure inviting viewers to imagine embarking on an enchanting journey.

Overall, "Balloon Cottages II" is a testament to Gary Walton's artistic vision, where he seamlessly weaves together these symbolic elements into a magical whimiscal dreamscape.  It invites viewers to step into an imaginative realm where whimsical buildings, lighthouses, hot air balloons, and coastal motifs converge, offering a glimpse into a world where the ordinary and the extraordinary coexist in harmonious beauty.

Printed on 400gsm fine art canvas, varnished and block mounted on board to give a wonderful effect akin to an original painting. Signed and numbered by Gary and supplied with Certificate of Authenticity.

Beautifully presented in a 7.5cm white frame with light gold trim detailing as shown and ready to hang.

Image size: 73 x 53cm    Framed size: 85.5cm  x 65.5cm

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