Carefree Horizons, Dancing with the Sea


Irish artist Deborah Cogley capture the joy of a summer day in this original painting.

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Carefree Horizons, Dancing with the Sea by Deborah Cogley

"Carefree Horizon: Dancing with the Sea" is a joyful acrylic painting that captures the essence of a perfect day by the coast. The canvas comes alive with a stunning blue sea. Adding a touch of whimsy and playfulness, artist Deborah Cogley has adorned the cliffs with dashes of neon colours. These vibrant hues inject a burst of energy into the composition, symbolizing the carefree spirit of the moment.   Into the distance, a bright yellow sailboat emerges.  The foreground of the painting is adorned with bright splashes of colour that resemble wildflowers in full bloom. These burst forth like confetti, infusing the artwork with an undeniable sense of cheerfulness and delight.

Image size 80cm x 80cm  Framed size: 88cm x 88cm.

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