Safe Harbour


“Safe Harbour” is a captivating oil painting by Carl Strickland that transports the viewer to the idyllic Schull Harbour, Co. Cork.

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Safe Harbour by Carl Strickland.

This new oil painting from Carl Strickland is inspired by a trip to the idyllic Schull Harbour, Co. Cork.  Irish artist Carl Strickland skillfully captures the essence of this picturesque scene, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of the surroundings.

The colour palette of the painting is dominated by shades of aqua marine and turquoise. The surface of the water glistens and sparkles under the influence of the sun, creating a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadow.  The composition of the painting is structured around two rowing boats moored peacefully in the tranquil waters of the harbour. The viewer's perspective is elevated, as if looking down from a height, which adds a unique and engaging dimension to the scene.  Their gently swaying forms suggest a subtle rhythm to the otherwise still waters.  On the varnished floor of the boats, carefully rendered details come to life. Oars, buoys and a lobster pot are meticulously depicted. These nautical elements not only lend a sense of realism to the painting but also provide insights into the lives and activities of the local fishermen.

Safe Harbour is a visual ode to the serene beauty of Schull Harbour and invites viewers to embark on a contemplative journey to the heart of the Irish coastal landscape.

Oil on canvas signed by the artist.  Floated and framed as shown (see thumbnails)

Image Size:  30cm x 30cm.  Framed Size: 48cm x 48cm

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