Morning Paddles


Morning Paddles by Irish Artist Carl Strickland.  Original oil painting of two duck swimming in the water, gracefully gliding along the surface.  

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Morning Paddles by Irish Artist Carl Strickland.  This original Irish oil painting on canvas features two ducks gracefully gliding through the water, their bodies completely submerged except for their necks and heads. Their feathers are sleek and water-repellent, shimmering with shades of green, brown, and black in the sunlight. The ducks are swimming in sync, their movements effortless and synchronized. Their webbed feet paddle gently underwater, propelling them forward with ease. Every so often, one of the ducks dips its head beneath the water's surface, perhaps searching for food or just enjoying the coolness of the water. As they swim, small ripples emanate from their bodies, creating a gentle wake that stretches out behind them. The ducks seem content, at ease in their watery home, as they continue their graceful journey through the tranquil waters.

Oil on canvas signed by Carl Strickland.  Floated and framed as shown (see thumbnails)

Image Size:  40cm x 40cm.  Framed Size:  58cm x 58cm

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