Evening Stroll, Merrion Strand


Beautiful Merrion Strand, Dublin, a haven from city life and a favourite destination for dog walkers.

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Evening Stroll, Merrion Strand by Carl Strickland.

This new oil painting from Irish artist Carl Strickland  depicts a serene evening scene on Merrion Strand in Dublin.  Carl skillfully captures the beauty of the beach during low tide, where golden sand stretches out with occasional pools of sea water. The pools reflect the colors of the sky, shimmering with hues of blue and green. The iconic Poolbeg Chimneys rise into the sky, standing tall and distinct against the horizon.

Along the water's edge, people are taking leisurely strolls with their dogs. The figures, delicately painted, showcase the peaceful atmosphere as they enjoy the coastal walk.  The evening sky is painted with shades of blue. The setting sun casts gentle rays of yellow sunlight, illuminating parts of the sky and casting a warm glow over the beach. The interplay of light and shadow creates a tranquil ambiance, enhancing the overall serenity of the painting.  The artist's brushwork captures the texture of the sand, reflections in the water, and the subtle shifts in light and colour.

Oil on canvas signed by the artist.  Floated and framed as shown (see thumbnails)

Image Size:  40cm x 40cm.  Framed Size: 58cm x 58cm

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