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A Robin Redbreast – one of Ireland’s most loved garden birds.

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Autumn's Embrace by Carl Strickland.

The painting depicts an Irish robin redbreast bird, perched elegantly on a tree branch. It's autumn, and the tree is adorned with vibrant red berries, providing a striking contrast to the robin's red breast. The background is a lush green, capturing the essence of a peaceful autumn day. The detailed feathers of the robin are highlighted by the soft autumn sunlight, creating a warm and inviting scene. The interplay of colors - the red of the berries and the bird's breast, the green of the background, and the subtle browns of the tree and the bird's other feathers - creates a harmonious and picturesque autumnal tableau.

Oil on canvas signed by the artist.  Floated and framed as shown (see thumbnails)

Image Size:  30cm x 30cm.  Framed Size: 48cm x 48cm

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