Autumn Bounty


A Robin Redbreast – one of Ireland’s most loved garden birds.

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Autumn Bounty by Carl Strickland.

This painting captures an alert Irish robin perched attentively on a branch. This branch is abundantly adorned with ripe hawthorn berries, their rich red hue complimenting the vibrant red of the robin's chest. The bird's eyes are bright and observant, exuding a sense of keen awareness of its surroundings. The backdrop of the painting is a soft, blurred fusion of greens and browns, suggesting a natural, serene woodland setting. The focus is on the robin, with its detailed feathers rendered in realistic shades of brown and red, creating a striking contrast against the lush berries. The painting evokes a sense of tranquility and the simple beauty of nature, highlighting the delicate balance of colours and life in a typical garden.

Image Size:  30cm x 30cm.  Framed Size: 48cm x 48cm

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