Splosh – A dynamic scene of a hare in full sprint across a field.

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Splosh by Anthony Dobson

A dynamic scene of a hare in full sprint across a field. In the hare's path are several small puddles, remnants of a recent rain. Each step the hare takes sends small splashes of water into the air, capturing the movement and energy of the moment. The hare itself is rendered with meticulous detail, its fur bristling with motion, and its eyes focused intently ahead. The background is a blur, emphasizing the speed of the hare's dash across the landscape. The overall impression is one of vibrant wildlife and the sheer exhilaration of movement in nature.

An exceptional Fine Art Limited Edition printed on 400gsm canvas, signed, titled and numbered by Anthony. Bonded to 3500 micron board and varnished.  Beautifully presented in frame as shown and supplied with Certificate of Authenticity.   As the canvas is varnished, the framed prints are not glazed.

Image Size 58cm x 58.5cm  Framed size 73 x 73cm
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