We Are Not Amused


We Are Not Amused by Anthony Dobson

The ultimate bad “hare” day.

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"We Are Not Amused," by Anthony Dobson, features a decidedly grumpy hare on, seemingly, the worst day of its life.  The creature's scowl and penetrating gaze convey an unmistakable sense of disdain, offering viewers a glimpse into its foul mood.  Dobson, renowned for his animal artistry in realistic styles, captures the essence of life's varied expressions with acute precision."

An exceptional Fine Art Limited Edition printed on 400gsm canvas, signed, titled and numbered by Anthony. Bonded to 3500 micron board and varnished.

The framed print has a 6.8cm wide distressed bronze and silver  frame which is slipped with a painted off-white moulding. The off-white section in between the the frame and the image is the slip.  This is in effect a second narrower frame fixed into the main frame to give an additional line of definition to the print.

As the canvas is varnished, the framed prints are not glazed.

Image Size 40cm x 40cm  Framed size 54.5cm x 54.5cm
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