The Conversation


A humourous (we hope) conversation between a grey tabby cat and a little bird on a fence.

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The Conversation by Anthony Dobson

In a serene backyard, stands a distressed red fence separating two homes. On one side of the fence a curious grey fluffy cat.  Further along, a little bird.  The cat's bright, amber eyes are filled with a mixture of wonder and intrigue. The bird tilted its head slightly, as if trying to comprehend the feline's intent.  In this tranquil moment, the air seemed to hold a delicate tension, as if both creatures understood the potential consequences of their interaction. The cat, driven by its innate hunting instincts, felt an undeniable allure toward the bird, envisioning a lively chase through the open skies. Yet, there is also a glimmer of recognition in the feline's eyes—a mutual understanding that transcended their predator-prey relationship.

An exceptional Fine Art Limited Edition printed on 400gsm canvas, signed, titled and numbered by Anthony. Bonded to 3500 micron board and varnished.  Beautifully presented in a double mount and light grey box frame.

Image Size 33cm x 58cm     Mounted Size 46 x 71cm   Framed size 50cm x 75cm
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