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  • Lough Tay

Limited Edition of 25 only.Each work has been framed in an Italian black open grain 2cm x 2cm moulding.  In addition diffused glass has been used to defer reflection and to showcase the clarity of each piece. Signed & titled by Johnny 64 x 48 cm *  Please allow up to 14 days delivery as works are printed to order *

Lough Tay (The Guinness Lake )Lough Tay is, along with Glendalough, one of the most photographed location in Wicklow.  The stunning scenery of the Lake surrounded by the mountains makes it one of the most iconic location in Ireland. Lough Tay is fed by the Cloghoge River and then drains into Lough Dan, located to the south.  The beach on the northern side is bright white sand.  It was imported by the Guinness family whose estate runs through part of the Lough Tay area.  The shape of the lake with the white sand at the top makes it look like a Pint of Guinness! Many of the outdoor scenes in the History Channel series Vikings have been filmed at Lough Tay.  The Luggala Mountains around the lake look surprisingly Scandinavian, and provide the ideal backdrop for scenes set on board the Vikings' long ships. 


Lough Tay

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