Susan Entwistle

Artist Susan Entwistle is one of the few pointillist painters practising their art. Her unique style of painting is created with layers of colourful dots.  This technique captures the vibrancy and essence of beautiful gardens, flowers and landscapes. Susan’s work has sprung out of the nostalgia of a childhood that was so often centred on the garden and the natural landscape around her. The Gaslamp Gallery stocks a large range of Susan Entwistle’s prints.

This love of the beauty of nature is expressed in Susan’s paintings.  Colour is important, the painting is created by building layers of coloured dots and marks using acrylic paints.


Susan Entwistle


The subject matter Susan is almost inevitably drawn towards is the natural environment.   Her paintings reflect this love and can take a little part of nature and the garden into someone’s house.  Susan works to commission for both public and private clients, one of her most distinguished commissions was to paint the Monaco garden for HSH Prince Albert of Monaco


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