Paul Dolman

Paul Dolman is a landscape artist known for his striking oil paintings that capture the beauty and tranquility of coastlines.

Paul worked as a graphic designer for many years before deciding to pursue a career as a full-time artist. His paintings often feature the bright and vibrant colors of the local landscape.  He captures the unique light and atmosphere of the coast.

Paul Dolman’s individual style is shown through the sophistication of each of his pieces. All show great depth and multitudes of layers.  His use of atmospheric light allows his pieces to almost dance off the canvas, evoking feelings and encapsulating senses of the familiar weather conditions he depicts – from heavy, foggy days to clear, colder evenings. Paul describes his work as having a romanticist style, with a focus on finding inspiration from nature and emotions. Over the last few years, he has achieved recognition, for the quality, clarity, dramatic light and atmosphere in his work, which now hangs in locations as far afield as New York, Nantucket, Australia and New Zealand.

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