Nicola Wakeling

Nicola Wakeling’s artistic ethos and approach to landscape painting are deeply evocative and resonate with a profound sense of place and emotional depth. Having moved to Scotland at a very young age, her work is a testament to how her Scottish surroundings, particularly the Outer Hebrides, have shaped her artistic vision. Her preference for painting the dark, brooding landscapes over the more commonly celebrated sunny, turquoise vistas speaks to her unique perspective and artistic integrity. Wakeling’s work diverges from the picturesque to explore the dramatic, reflective, and meditative qualities of the Scottish landscape, embodying the tradition of landscape painting while also pushing its boundaries.

Her statement about the impact of the Scottish landscape’s scale on her psyche and her artistic intent reveals a desire not just to depict a landscape but to capture an experience. The vast skies, the rugged terrain, and the elemental force of the wind are not just visual elements in her paintings but are integral to the emotional and visceral reaction she aims to evoke in the viewer. Wakeling’s use of oil paints to capture the subtleties of light and shadow enhances the mood and atmosphere of her landscapes, inviting viewers to feel the immersion and connection she experiences in these wild places.

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