Kevin Roche

Artist’s Statement The natural world provides an unlimited supply of light and colour and ever changing scenes. It is from this world that I draw inspiration for my paintings, blending natural scenes with my own ideas. I like a painting to be full of contrast: bold colours, dramatic lights and darks, and everything from bare canvas to rich impasto. Combining thin brush layers and thick palette knife stokes is my speciality, and gives paintings extra depth and an almost sculpture-like quality. Oil paints are my medium of choice due to their richness and the range of effects it is possible to create with them. I have always been interested in the work of great impressionist painters such as Monet, and this is strongly reflected in the bold, colourful strokes of my own paintings. Other influences include Irish artists such as Jack B Yeats and Liam O’ Neill. Both of these artists use the highly textured impasto technique, which I have always enjoyed. Collections The state art collection, Taoiseach’s office UTV (Ulster Television) collection Texaco Ireland collection Somers High school, New York Private Collections

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