Jenni Murphy

Aged five Jenni drew a giant rabbit at school and her parents were called in…

“Your child is going to be an artist!”

Mrs Gilmartin 1988

Jenni now works full time from her studio in Norwich and with a degree in Illustration from Loughborough University; Jenni is still creating work that causes a stir. Instantly recognisable thanks to its dreamlike qualities. Her light, harmonious brushstrokes, deep colours and distortion of scale work to create intimate worlds where people are little more than a centimetre high.

Dominated by beautiful creatures and motifs or the landscape itself, the figures are full of movement and emotion. They are fun, gentle and never alone, often accompanied by a little dog.

Having never lost the sense of wonder and discovery you have as a child Jenni’s works come about by working in a reportage style. Venturing out, sketchbook in hand, she draws real people and situations filtering them through her imaginings and daydreams ending up with images that suggest there is something much bigger ‘out there’ than our perceived reality.

Working in acrylic on panel that has been under painted in order to intensify the colours, she slowly builds up the layers, until they evoke a sense of wonder and magic.

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