Jaanika Talts

From the outset, our encounter with Jaanika Talts’ artwork left us spellbound. Her creations, ranging from intense, enigmatic, and mystical to breathtaking floral compositions rich with underlying significance, captured our imagination. In 2018, The Gaslamp Gallery was proud to host ‘Enigma,’ her debut solo exhibition, where more than 80% of the pieces were purchased on the first evening. That same year, Jaanika was selected to create a piece titled ‘Fáistineach’ (meaning ‘future’) for Uachtarán na hÉireann, President Michael D. Higgins, on our commission.

Jaanika Talts’ art enjoys a global following, including significant private collections in Australia, the United States, and naturally, Ireland. The Gaslamp Gallery is privileged to be her exclusive representative within the Republic of Ireland where there is always a waiting list to view new works.

Born in Estonia, Jaanika now dedicates herself to her art full-time, dividing her year between her Dublin studio in the winter and her Estonian home in the summer, amidst forests and wildlife.   Jaanika is primarily self-taught, a term that scarcely does justice to her unique approach to art. She embraces painting without adhering to formal techniques, choosing instead to explore her craft uninhibited by conventional methods.

Colour is at the heart of Jaanika’s work. It is the central theme around which everything else revolves, aiming to create harmony, making colours “sing and dance”. Her fascination with colour and its subconscious influence on our decisions is a constant source of inspiration.

Jaanika’s desire for mystery is reflected in her work and life philosophy. While she paints primarily for herself, the knowledge that her art resonates with others, inspiring and evoking emotion, is a cherished bonus. Her collaborations span across various creative fields, including interior design, music, and film, further testament to her versatile talent.


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