Jaanika Talts

From the first moment  upon viewing work by Jaanika Talts, we were captivated.  Her work both entranced and fascinated us.  Ranging in style from passionate, dark, mystical and mysterious to stunning floral works with hidden depths and meaning.

In 2018, Enigma, Jaanika’s first solo exhibition was held in The Gaslamp Gallery.  Over 80% of the work sold on the opening night.   Also in 2018, Jaanika was commissioned through us to produce a work for Uachtarán na hÉireann President Michael D. Higgins.

The work was entitled Fáistineach meaning future.   Today there are collectors of Jaanika’s work worldwide with extensive private collectors in Australia, America and of course Ireland.  It is our great honor that The Gaslamp Gallery exclusively represents Jaanika Talts within the Republic of Ireland.

Jaanika was born and raised in Estonia.  Today, as a full-time artist, she spends the winter months in her Dublin studio and summers living and working in Estonia, surrounded by the forest and wild animals.

Self-taught, although the word “taught” is not quite correct. Jaanika just paints, not really knowing how and a few years ago she decided to never find out the proper “know hows”. (If you do something wrong, at least you are not aware of it.)

Jaanika’s work is very much about colour. It’s the main subject, and the rest is about making it to sing and dance. In harmony. She has always been fascinated by the colour, how it affects us all, how we make decisions based on it, often unconsciously.

Indeed Jaanika doesn’t want to know the answers, she loves mystery. Colllaborating with interior designers, musicians, movie makers, Jaanika just paints, first and foremost for herself, but knowing that her paintings inspire other people, make them feel something, is a bonus.

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