Helen Condon

gaslamp-gallery-helen-condon-original-irish-art-for-saleIrish artist Helen Condon immerses herself in the exploration of colour’s impact on emotions, a fascination that fuels her self-professed “addiction to colour.” Her vibrant, paintings are a testament to this passion with her striking floral works.

Helen’s artistic technique is characterised by her vibrant use of acrylic paints and a love for vivid hues. She adopts a precise approach to her landscape pieces, carefully mapping out each canvas with grids to ensure the accurate placement of every element, from buildings to natural features, crafting images that are rich in detail and full of life. In contrast, her floral compositions are marked by a spontaneous explosion of colour and form, where she allows her imagination to run wild, creating pieces that are both dynamic and harmoniously balanced.

Ravensburger, a globally recognized jigsaw puzzle company, took notice of Helen’s talent and subsequently commissioned her to create a painting of Kinsale. This artwork became the inaugural piece in their Irish series. Following its success, Ravensburger commissioned a second piece, “Galway Romance,” further solidifying Helen’s contribution to the series.

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