Gary Walton

“I started to look deep inside myself to create my individual style. Frustration was a big factor knowing that if I wanted to be different it was not going to be easy. It did not happen straight away and I had to sketch endlessly to help represent my new work, until my creation was born and then I was happy with what I had created.” – Gary Walton

During his spare time Gary Walton would paint landscapes with inspired skill and originality redolent of Salvador Dali.  His watercolours emanate a magical quality: an ethereal contrast of reality and dreamlike visions. He suggests that his artwork is ‘whimsical, romantic and happy’.

Gary Walton’s art work has been internationally exhibited in London, New York and Hong Kong. He has licensed his products to the USA, and this will soon be extended to global markets. He is also a keen philanthropist and donates his art to individuals as well as many national charities.

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