Chris Ross Williamson

Contemporary artist Chris Ross Williamson introduces Barton Darcy – Jack Russell, explorer and friend of Garfield Eldritch. He brings the pair to life, visiting local landscapes. They also explore further afield, in which Chris offers a view of the world seen from Barton Darcy’s perspective.  Each work is accompanied by a four-line poem.

Chris Ross Williamson has also introduced his characters to the works of many popular artists. These include Barton Darcy’s reaction to paintings by Banksy, Monet, Warhol and others. These wonderful figurative paintings use landscape, architecture and artworks as their backdrop.  Each one presenting a story with a warm sense of humour; as Chris says, “I like to give people a grin if I can”.

After training as a graphic designer and working in several respectable positions within the design and advertising sector, Chris found the calling of fine art too strong and decided to go full time. Chris Ross Williamson now creates his characterful pieces in his quiet studio with panoramic views of the sea – something that is often alluded to in his work.

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