Anna Wright

Anna Wright , an artist and illustrator, was shaped by her childhood in the rural setting of Dumfries and Galloway, southwest Scotland. This environment, along with her passion for colour, pattern, and textiles, has deeply influenced her artistic endeavours.


Educated at Edinburgh College of Art, where she delved into these inspirations, Anna has developed a distinctive style characterised by vibrant colors and a sense of humour. Her work combines fabric, feathers, pen, ink, and paint. She spends her days in her studio, sketching or rummaging through her collection of fabrics, gathered from various places. Focusing primarily on animals, she captures their essence and personality with bold, inky lines, enhancing them with fabric and feathers for added color and texture. Occasionally, she completes her pieces with a clever caption, elevating the enjoyment of her work. Returning to her roots, Anna now operates out of her studio in her hometown. Her creations have gained recognition, being showcased in publications such as House and Garden, Country Life, and Artists & Illustrators.

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