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Aaminah Snowdon

Aaminah Snowdon

Aaminah Snowdon was born in 1990 in Northallerton, North Yorkshire and is a self-taught artist. Her avid interest in art started at the age of 7 when she won a school competition by painting a rather surreal whale blowing out multi-coloured water spouts.

In 2012, after earning herself a 1st class honours degree in Ancient History at The University of Birmingham, she decided to pursue a career in art, with a focus on developing her own unique style that would combine her interests: animals, humour, eccentricity, bold colours and energy.

Aaminah’s artwork revolves exclusively around wildlife, farm animals and pets. Working on watercolour paper using acrylic paints, Aaminah paints quickly using lively and spontaneous brushstrokes with bold, vibrant colours to impress the quirkiness, movement and character of her subjects into the painting. She completes each painting with its own witty and fun title.

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A Grand Day Out (to the vegetable patch)
Limited to 295 fine art limited edition prints "A Grand Day Out"   is printed on 260gsm fine ar..
Coffee Owl
"I think we can all relate to this owl! Before coffee: ruffled, grumpy and sleepy. After coffee: bri..
Hedgie & The Hoglets
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Just Hangin'
This red squirrel has found itself a delicious acorn and is trying to think of the perfect spot to m..
My Hero
My Hero  Framed Limited Edition  Limited to 195 fine art limited edition prints + 20 art..
Nosy Parker
This nosy, baby pygmy goat has walked up to a little rabbit who is minding its own business and munc..
You'll Grow Into Them
You'll Grow Into Them  Framed Print  Limited to 195 fine art limited edition prints, You..


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Opening Hours

  • Monday-Saturday
  • Sunday Opening during Exhibitions only
    12.00 – 4.30pm


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