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Rob Hain

Rob Hain
Rob Hain sums up his approach in this way: "I try to bring out the soul of a place and its people. Not all buildings aspire to greatness but physically serve to function, which can be a challenge when such architecture runs riot; to subsequently achieve a good result is all the more rewarding. I enjoy altering the perceived colours in our environment with which we are familiar; for example, by turning the road into a rich red in order to show off the pale coloured buildings they frame. A sense of identity is what we all crave and a dearly-loved building can be invested with many memories. I give such buildings extra prominence by enlarging or moving them to visually dynamic positions within the composition. All artists set out to elicit a response in the viewer. I feel that my work has achieved its aim when we step back as the viewer and our response is to smile."
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Magical Glenfinnan
The Glenfinnan Viaduct is the ‘bridge to Hogwarts’, where the Hogwarts Express makes its journey. It..


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Opening Hours

  • Monday-Saturday
  • Sunday Opening during Exhibitions only
    12.00 – 4.30pm


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